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Money What’s the big deal?

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I remember studying hard in the new black konscious thought revolution movement (the re-rise of black konsciousness). There is much overstanding of how energy works, an expansive overstanding of it. Yet, in the new black Konscious thought revolution movement, there is this problem with having money and making money. An elementary study of energy, even from a Euro-centric/Caucasian point of view is: “Energy can only be changed, not destroyed.” All of life is energy. This is seen in ancient kultures like Khemet (Egypt), Hindism, Gnosticism, metaphysics, quantum physics, Native American ( Olmec, Aztec, Mayan), Freemasonry (and all its offshoots, witchcraft, voodooism, and many other systems of thinking.

All of life is energy and energy can not be destroyed, only changed. Most of us agree with this (I‘m sure even some in the konscious community wouldn‘t agree). Life is an interconnected energy system that feeds off itself. Plants are life. Nuts (seeds) are life. They are nothing more than energy sources. Radishes, broccoli, apples, oranges, lecithin, ginkgo, rose hips, and a host of other plant foods are energy sources beneficial or not. Life is simply energy. You are life. Why do we eat? Energy. What do we use to move our bodies? Energy. Why do we, an energy system use another energy system (in this case ’money)’ to sustain our own physical energy system (with food, clothes and shelter)? Because that is what life is. It is one never ending, interconnected energy system.

I can go on and on, but I want to shortly dispel this argument over money in the new black konscious thought revolution movement for those who will choose to absorb this. If everything is energy and energy can not be destroyed, only changed… wouldn’t that apply to money? Who cares who came up with its concept as we have it today (the European for his own gain). When I hold it, and commerce with it, my thoughts (energy) and intentions (energy) changes the energy of the money as does yours. If I use it for good purposes by buying what is needed for those people who need what is needed like clothing for the winter cold for example… that is the energy the money has become because energy changes. This is regardless if a man robbed someone else for the money before I had it.

I did a blog on my myspace page (http://www.myspace.com/daynejackson) called Money… a little inside information on it in 2008, where I wrote: “Let me explain how money becomes what it is. All they did to create money was use trees to create paper (remember that paper is made from trees) , and then write a number on it and say that it has that kind of worth and value. They write $1.00, $5.00, $10.00, $20.00, $50.00, or $100.00, a simple number and then says the paper which they dye green is worth that much, and people foolishly believe this. What they don't realize is it only has the value and worth that people say it does, and so people control what money is”.

I go onto say: “The saying, "Money makes the world go around" that makes people believe that the money is the power base in life is false because money can not walk, talk, think, or produce itself with itself by itself for the mere fact money is man made or made by man…. and so it is those people who can walk, talk, or think that makes money what it is.” You see, since energy is everything, then it is those people who can walk, talk, or think that makes money what it is, not because of what someone else made it to be. It is rather how we use what we have, and the purpose behind using what we have that makes it what it is regardless what it is.

Put it this way. If money was used to cause people everywhere to interact and transact fairly in a way beneficial to all people and all of life everywhere to the best of what we presently know benefits life in the environment and for the people in a balanced way, then it would work to cause life for all to flourish in a beneficial way, unless of course an individual person would choose not to. If we overstand energy and the power of thought, we simply change the energy of money with our very thoughts and intentions, and create a system around it all to make it a reality, even if only amongst the konscious community.

What we must do is observe how to make money in whatever form function in a workable beneficial way with balance amongst one another. It is really a simple numerological-humane-ecological science. Common sense basically. This is pretty much it. Change the energy source from which the money was functioning as soon as you get it into the one in which you choose to see it now function as. So what is the big money deal? It is only the big deal we have all made it. Lets stop giving it that kind of energy.

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